More Proof That There Was NO 9.0 Earthquake on 3/11


Here we have Dr. Robert Jacobs in an interview with RT, on March 11, 2011. According to Robert Jacobs, who was in Hiroshima (Japan) when the earthquake happened, he didn’t feel the earthquake nor did he know about it. He only found out about it when his friends called him on the phone to ask if he was alright.

Video link: / and here’s a backup copy of this damning video

Not only is his statement strange, it’s also completely impossible IF the earthquake was indeed a magnitude 9.0 event because such a magnitude should have been felt across at least a thousand kilometers/miles.

Another reason why his statement doesn’t match the official story is this, according to the reporter in the above video Hawaii recorded a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. Now how is that possible when Hawaii is multiple thousands of kilometers away from Japan while Robert Jacobs at about 800 km away from the epicenter didn’t feel a thing in Hiroshima?

Look at this Google map. See Hiroshima marked in red? See Sendai where the earthquake occurred? Now look at where Hawaii is.

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Click image to enlarge

There’s only one conclusion possible here: NO 9.0 earthquake happened in Japan, the Tsukuba (University) data is the only correct data. The USGS’ data is again proven to be false/fake/fabled.


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