Fukushima 3/11 Truth Banned: Twitter Joins Band of Censors and Decepticons

January 14 , 2014

twitter, ban, censor, fukushima, truth, 3/11


It’s just a few minutes ago when we published our “UN, EU, WWF and Greenpeace Complicit in Coverup of Fukushima Truth” article, and already the censorship of Fukushima 3/11 Truth at Twitter has been activated. After merely two days of using their social media platform Twitter has decided to not support the real truth movement, again.

Earlier, Twitter banned the ReblDyne and United Nations Brigandage websites who also try hard to reach the public with facts, because the truth about what really happened in Fukushima on March 11, 2011, has to be known by everyone who cares even a little bit about the world that we live in and the deception that is going on on a major scale.

It is important to report about this censorship because it’s a very good indicator that we, along with what’s left of the real truth movement, are hitting some nerves that the globalist censors and decepticons prefer to have untouched.

Whether it was our latest article that triggered the censors to go live remains unclear but the fact is that the Twitter management is again siding with the global government brigands.

  • “This exposes the whole “policy” at Twitter and it confirms the assumption that Twitter is not on the people’s side when it comes to freedom and justice. That has been proven by the fact that they allow government and military psyops on their site, instead of banning those. Twitter is just another bunch of controlled Muppets, or better, Twittets.”ReblDyne
  • “This gives more weight to the claims by certain members of the truth movement that “the Arab Spring” for example is indeed to a great extend a CIA/CFR inspired and funded series of events, for the countless Twitter accounts that are linked to these “movements” are responsible for spreading false information and for calling for violence.”United Nations Brigandage

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