Black Propaganda: What Natural News Reporting 30 Bq/m^3 Actually Means

January 22, 2014 – Jim Stone

Black propaganda: The act of referencing reliable sources of information and then lying about or misrepresenting what they said, to make a case opposite of what those sources said by badly distorting, omitting or outright lying about what they said For the purpose of fooling people who will not actually read the referenced material and figure out it was lied about (and that means practically everyone).

The recent Natural News report is a perfect example of black propaganda.

To counter this black propaganda, I am once again going to state that there is no way Fukushima can destroy the Pacific, but it totally screwed a large area of Japan.

It is important to know what the numbers mean. 30 Bq/m^3 means that if you take a litre of seawater, and manage to capture ALL RADIOACTIVE DECAYS taking place in that litre of water (that is impossible to do,) it would produce ONE CLICK every 33 hours. And that’s the maximum from the most alarmist source. A complete fail. But Natural News knows that most people do not understand radiation or becquerels or anything else, so they prominently front paged the report, pretending it supported the dead starfish story. The levels in the alarmist report pretty much matched what I figured would happen, and told people not to worry about. So the spookiest thing out there MATCHED WHAT I SAID ALL ALONG, AND TOLD PEOPLE NOT TO WORRY ABOUT.

The safe level for drinking water is 10,000 Bq/m^3 and this was included in the power point presentation that Natural News referenced. This means that as I said, Fuku radiation in the Pacific is well below background levels and only increased them slightly. The BQ is such a small measurement that it takes millions of BQ to mean anything significant at all.

If the other report of 2 Bq/m^3 is true, it would mean that a litre of seawater would, if all decays were captured, produce one click per month. Folks, I have actually had geiger counters, and even below ground they will click a couple times PER MINUTE. This is because there is background radiation, and even at 30 Bq/m^3, the worst case scenario, Fukushima seawater is below that level. There is no way in hell the dead starfish can be blamed on Fukushima.

Natural News initially posted the Fukushima report. What happened to them since then? They used to be able to get a story straight, and since the original report the story has developed – Reactor 3 basically destroyed a large swath of Japan, was caused by an act of war, and now the Israeli mafia is providing homeless people to do the cleanup, and at least 800 of them have died so far. That’s a HUGE report, a HUGE topic, WHERE THE HELL IS NATURAL NEWS ON IT? If Natural News is uncomfortable with the Israeli tie in, then WHY CAN’T THEY OMIT A PART OF THE TRUTH AND AT LEAST SAY HOMELESS ARE CLEANING UP FUKU? I have the answer – it is because it opens a can of worms no one can close, and all the worms live in holes and cracks in the Israeli mafia.

The actual math behind the spookiest thing the latest report from Natural news could possibly represent, while using as a reference the entire volume of 30 Bq/m^3 rather than just one litre.

Here is what 30 Bq/m^3 would actually show on a geiger counter that had a very large detector tube. Most geiger counters are completely useless for reading anything with a radiation level that low. Sorry folks, it has to be presented as math.

Lets say you have a HUGE detector tube, with a cross section of 100 square centimeters. This would be in a specialized piece of equipment, not an Ebay geiger counter. Since 1 m^3 has six sides, each with an area of 10,000 square centimeters, and radiation leaves in random directions, there are 60,000 square centimeters of surface area the radioactive decays can exit from. 60,000/100 = 600. This means that if your detector tube has a 100 square centimeter cross section, 599 out of 600 decays will miss it because your reference source (one cubic meter) is much larger than your detector tube. You will need 600 total decays on average before ONE will hit your detector tube. At 30 decays per hour, 600/30 it would take 20 hours before your ultra sensitive super duper $50,000 geiger counter got a single click from Fukushima radiation. Meanwhile it will have clicked thousands of times from gamma ray bursters, radon, black holes, super novas, neutron stars and pulsars. It is a simple fact that we live in a radioactive universe. And actually, by the time you pay for a geiger counter that has a tube with a 100 square cm cross section, it will not produce clicks, that type of detector tube picks up so much that it has to go into an averaging unit, which sums the total down to CPM. A puny geiger counter from Ebay would only pick up about 1/20th as much, and click once or twice a month from Fuku radiation in seawater. All other clicks would come from the cosmos.

I guess there will be idiots on Youtube taking their geiger counters down to the ocean, right out in the open sunlight (which will produce many clicks), get it clicking from improper setup, and fool a lot of people. The geiger counter I played with as a kid would freak out if you put it up to a fluorescent light bulb and scream if you exposed the detector tube to direct sunlight, and many scammers know there are many ways to fool a geiger counter if you set out to do it. They are not fool proof machines, and in the hands of fools they can generate total hysteria.

The real issue is what they pick up on land while properly used. This would be done simply by setting one on the kitchen counter, out of direct sunlight or direct line of sight from any light bulb or television or computer monitor that was turned on. When properly used even a crappy geiger counter can at least see a difference in the background radiation after Fukushima on land. There are indeed hot spots ON LAND, NOT THE OCEAN, which I have ALWAYS SAID, and I would not make any plans for a vacation in Japan any time soon where most of it landed.

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