3/11 Memorial: March 11, 2014

3/11 Memorial

Today, as many people around the world seem to have already forgotten about what happened in Japan on March 11, 2011, we however do remember the events and more importantly the truth.

Three years ago the people of the world could witness the birth of a new chapter in human history on planet Earth. Instead of focusing on the damage that has been caused that day and in the aftermath of the attacks on Japan and its people, we want to address the causes of that damage, the attacks and the whitewashing of incriminating evidence.

Exactly why it is that most people tend to ignore the obvious truth about 3/11 remains rather a mystery although we are convinced that the continuous poisoning of the public with medication, with chemicals in their foods and drinks may certainly have an important role to play in the docile behavior displayed by the international community.

Read the full 3/11 Memorial update


  1. Hey, I think they are using fearporn about the ocean being dead to obscure the fact that it was a terrorist attack .

    Also, some info seems to have been removed from websites or maybe I just lost my bookmarks
    I found some great research on what the radiation count really means for the ocean and it is miniscule. It is the ground water and land we have to worry about.

    Do you have that info?

    1. You think right! The attacks on Japan were indeed state-sponsored eco-terror and acts of war. It can no longer be denied that the crime scenes at Fukushima have Israeli ans U.S. fingerprints all over it. At a minimum a part of the same trash that is responsible for 9/11 is also responsible for 3/11. All evidence points in that direction.

      About the radiation, I think you are right there too. We have to worry about the lands that have been contaminated. The ocean will be just fine, it had to deal with worse situation in the past than Fukushima and clearly there’s still an abundance of life in the ocean. Even the dead starfish propaganda is nothing but that, propaganda. Or as you call it fearporn. “Sources” like ENE news are to blame for that and those parroting the shillery. But then again, ENE News was created, on March 16 2011, exactly for that purpose: To spread disinformation and to derail honest investigators. http://whois.net/whois/enenews.com

      The exact numbers of the contamination of the lands I do not have yet because from were I am that information seems to be tampered with too.
      Here you can find some info on food from Japan and radiation: https://311truth.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/independent-lab-test-results-radioisotope-analysis-of-hokkaido-kelp-and-other-samples/

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