Fukushima 3/11: Internal NRC Documents Prove that the Official Story is a Lie

December 8, 2013 – Truth News International

Last year’s FOIA request has resulted in the release of internal  documents from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The 596 pages are a collection of internal NRC communications.

As can be expected, the content was highly censored before the documents were released to the public and it was made clear to stick to the script. So a “media guru” was requested to provide an official narrative strategy.

Going through all the pages was a rather boring task in fact.

us nrc, fukushima, foia, freedom of information act

nrc, official narrative, fukushima

nrc, official narrative, fukushimanrc, official narrative, fukushima

nrc, official narrative, fukushima, media guru

But to our surprise we did find evidence that on the same day of the 3/11 nuclear attack on Fukushima, an exercise  or drill took place. The NRC’s (and probably including FEMA/DHS) “Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Drill” D92374. Much is not known about the drill, most likely this document has slipped through while it was supposed to  be kept away from public eyes. All the reason more why we want to share it here with the public.

The fact that there was a drill going on, on March 11, 2011, for exactly the same event isn’t shocking news anymore. As we all know, on 9/11, during the Boston marathon, during the London subway bomb, on the day of the Sandy Hook shooting and during other events there were also drills and simulations going on covering the (almost) identical events that happened on those particular days.

fukushima, drill,earthquake, tsunami, nrc

According to FEMA, EPA and NRC there were/are no health implications linked to the 3/11 event:

fema, region 5, fukushima, potassium iodidenrc, fema, epa, health, radiation, fukushima

Obvious signs exist of how wrong/false information was brought into circulation.

As Jim Stone pointed out in his Fukushima Report:

  • Hydrogen gas produces a non-ideal subsonic explosion. It cannot turn concrete into dust. It can produce high pressures if sealed off, but the metal roof on all the reactor containments should have provided the relief and been the only thing destroyed. It takes a high intensity explosive to strip concrete off rebar, a blast wave many times faster than supersonic. This means that whatever happened at Fukushima did not have blast characteristics that fit the “official” story.

Yet, according to the released documents, the NRC’s Gary Stevens is one of the guys who planted the hydrogen explosion theory into the official story. Based on an “anonymous first-hand report.”

This is one of the reasons why they had a drill on the same day of the nuclear attack on Japan, in this way it is much easier to control the flow of information because all the agents are in position. If you ever wondered why the drills always seem to happen just in time, here’s your answer.

gary stevens, nrc, hydrogen explosion

gary stevens, nrc, hydrogen explosion

Gary boy was so busy with his disinformation that he even forgot the exact day for a while. Ah. Gary, Gary…

gary stevens, nrc, hydrogen explosion

OOPPSS… Panic when the numbers and facts don’t match…! And when people show up who most likely were sent to control the flow of information!

nrc, earthquake probability

fukushima, nrc, areva

Strange how they know the status of the Fukushima power plant but still choose to go with the hydrogen explosion story. Completely contradicting their own theory. AMATEURS!

nuclear facilities, status, nrc, fukushima

nuclear facilities, status, nrc, fukushima

This here is a present on a silver platter.

The fact that they refer to these links and high-resolution photos IN THEIR OWN E-MAILS confirms beyond any doubt that they know exactly that something is not right with the official story, of which they probably only got a small piece so they couldn’t spoil the show:

They are the experts, so after examining those photos they can only come to one conclusion, “WE’RE BEING LIED TO!”

The only thing we don’t have an answer for, for now, is this:

nrc, fukushima, go2cindy.com

At least one of the NRC workers, Michael Scott, was contacted by a person claiming to be “Cindy Crary,” working as a Consulting Ergonomic Assessment Specialist for NRC. This person used an e-mail account from a website called “Go2cindy.com,” which is odd because when you work for the NRC you’d probably have and use a NRC e-mail account just like Scott and his coworkers.

That website no longer exists and it was last updated on April 19, 2011, according to Whois.com.au. If the site was from her company then this company doesn’t exist (anymore) either. No information or website content can be found for that site name or company. Except for the reference in the NRC documents.

Scott, a U.S. Navy veteran who went to Japan as a NRC representative in 2011, was contacted by Crary regarding an “ergonomic assessment of his workstation.”

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