The 3/11 Earthquake in Japan (2011) Was NOT a 9.0

January 12, 2014

On of the first, biggest and most important lies about the attacks on Fukushima, Japan, is about the earthquake itself from March 11, 2011, which was NOT a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

In fact it can be confirmed and proven in multiple ways that the strongest earthquake on that day could not have been any stronger than 7.0 in magnitude and 6.67 in intensity.

How can we know this for sure?


On the following graphic copied from their official website you can witness for yourself that the University of Tsukuba registered no stronger earthquake magnitude than 6.67 (MYG004) on March 11, 2011. The nearest station to the deliberately triggered earthquake in sea, that caused the tsunami, is MYG011 which recorded 5.63 only.

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IWT007(釜石)   741.6  31.1  5.74
IWT012(北上)   610.2  50.1  5.93
IWTH02(玉山)   709.0  19.7  5.57
IWTH05(藤沢)   766.9  33.8  5.63
IWTH20(花巻南)  407.4  38.0  5.61
MYG002(歌津)   770.8  26.2  5.68
MYG003(東和)   868.6  33.5  5.55
MYG004(築館)   2765.2  105.8  6.67
MYG007(豊里)   689.3  38.4  5.81
MYG008(北上)   398.2  42.6  5.58
MYG010(石巻)   481.9  65.8  5.93
MYG011(牡鹿)   929.3  37.8  5.63
MYG012(塩竈)   1970.3  63.7  6.02
MYG013(仙台)   1807.4  82.5  6.38
MYG015(岩沼)   429.0  79.0  5.99
MYG017(角田)   355.3  52.6  5.83
MYGH09(白石)   341.9  36.5  5.55
MYGH10(山元)   1025.6  62.4  6.07
FKS001(相馬)   659.9  58.9  5.85
FKS019(二本松)  458.8  29.5  5.57
FKS023(会津若松) 451.5  41.7  5.86
FKSH10(西郷)   1075.8  36.8  6.00
FKSH11(矢吹)   503.4  55.0  5.82
FKSH12(平田)   434.7  34.6  5.65
FKSH18(三春)   614.8  43.0  6.01
FKSH19(都路)   857.1  61.5  5.99
IBR001(大子)   454.0  34.5  5.59
IBR002(高萩)   619.1  52.1  5.98
IBR003(日立)   1844.3  70.9  6.46
IBR006(水戸)   843.6  38.8  5.80
IBR007(那珂湊)  550.3  50.1  5.88
IBR010(下妻)   430.4  39.2  5.57
IBR011(つくば)  370.6  46.2  5.61
IBR012(石岡)   358.7  43.4  5.55
IBR013(鉾田)   1613.8  69.9  6.41
IBR014(土浦)   527.0  44.6  5.63
IBRH11(岩瀬)   951.1  63.6  6.24
IBRH12(大子)   683.9  33.8  5.77
IBRH13(高萩)   561.5  34.8  5.72
IBRH15(御前山)  988.2  36.4  5.74
IBRH16(山方)   661.5  29.2  5.68
TCG001(黒磯)   485.2  38.4  5.52
TCG006(小川)   421.1  75.3  5.97
TCG013(真岡)   430.7  38.9  5.74
TCG014(茂木)   1275.7  65.6  6.34
TCGH10(大田原)  672.8  44.5  5.71
TCGH12(氏家)   481.5  42.9  5.59
TCGH13(馬頭)   906.2  64.6  6.14
TCGH16(芳賀)   1221.7  81.9  6.50
GNM009(桐生)   410.4  30.7  5.53
CHB003(白井)   485.9  30.8  5.60

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“The date listed at the top is the date of compilation, Japan has thousands of seismic stations run by numerous organizations, and they take time to merge into one final report. That is the date listed at the top of this compilation (March 15), and there is a shill out there who can’t figure this out, a fact which should be obvious because the main seismograph in this report is dated and timed to the quake, and is a match for the lower resolution seismograms in this large compilation.”Jim Stone


fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, jim stone

In addition to this March 11, 2011, photo material that clearly proves that there’s no earthquake damage available to be detected, video material also proves the exact same fact. NO 9.0 earthquake damage anywhere!

The following videos were filmed on March 11, 2011, and provide a perspective from various angles and in different situations. You can view the videos on-site or watch them on Youtube. Make sure you see the same videos here and on Youtube because video sabotage is a reality.

Original 3/11/2011 Video: News Room in Sendai (Japan 2011) – 6.67 Earthquake NOT 9.0!

Video link:

March 11, 2011, Tsunami Smashing Town in Japan but NO Earthquake Damage

Video link:

Japan’s March 11, 2011, Tsunami, and Train but NO Earthquake Damage

Video link:

Driver Films Japan’s March 11, 2011, Tsunami but NO Earthquake Damage

Video link:

First Moments of March 11, 2011, Tsunami in Japan but NO Earthquake Damage

Video link:

View more video material on Youtube. Try to find any structural EARTHQUAKE damage (not tsunami damage).

It can be observed in both the photo material and the video material that not even wooden structures have collapsed nor did any poles fall over. Cars in both the visual materials are still perfectly parked or waiting in line on the streets. Yet another sign that no 9.0 earthquake ever took place on March 11, 2011. Again, 6.67 is the strongest intensity and 7.0 the strongest magnitude recorded on March 11, 2011.

To give you an idea of what the damage after a 9.0 earthquake at least just look like, consider these events.

The 1995 Kobe earthquake, magnitude 6.9:

fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, kobe

More Kobe earthquake damage

The 2013 Bohol (Philippines) earthquake, magnitude 7.1/7.2:

fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, philippines fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, philippines fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, philippines fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, philippines fukushima, 3/11 truth, japan, nuclear attacks, tsunami, earthquake, philippines

More Bohol (Cebu) damage

It is therefore clear and proven that there was NO 9.0 earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011.

“The Kobe quake was a 6.9/7.2 depending on the source. That makes this quake, at a 9.0 100 times as powerful. Sendai for example was near the epicenter, where station MYG012 was and would have been devastated if it really happened as stated by the USGS. Sendai was only 48 miles from the epicenter of this alleged “9.0” earthquake which would have devastated everything in an area 1,000 miles across if it was real. All of Japan would have been damaged or destroyed.

A 9.0 is such a huge quake that China, Korea, and Russia should have seen significant earthquake damage from one happening in Japan and everything in Sendai should have been leveled. Yet no nation outside of Japan could even feel it. To shake Tokyo, a second fake earthquake was triggered near seismic station IBR003. All of this is in the official Japanese seismic record.

Erol Kalkan, a former Turkish Persian now working for the USGS, fabricated phony USGS ground accelerations to support a 9.0 scenario, and the U.S. government is still unfortunately trusted with this type of work. So Europe and the rest of the world are looking at the phony USGS reports.”Jim Stone


  1. I had this very same theory, so I applaud your thinking. Im rather skeptical of all news now msm or alt, they are both mainly co-opted. I was beginning to doubt that the alt movement actually broke such a large story as fukushima. Things the govt doesnt want us to know get redacted or have its classified status extended, a la jfk, point being, if they didnt want us to get fuku info we wouldnt get it. Now yes, overplayed quake not 9.0 to hide fake tsunami that led to essentially induced, either by bomb or tsunami…. so if quake was fake and tsunami was “faked” and explosion was induced, was this all to create the idea that fuku is leaking rads…..

    So you ask why would it be important to do this. Well, most people have noticed that the chemtrails and clouds have really increased in the past 5 years as well as over all in the past 25, no more 3 days of clouds a week its more like 5-6. There is a good contingent of people describing chemtrails and geo engineering as SRM, solar radiation management. So if they are so aggressively stopping solar radiation from getting to the earth, why would they unleash fuku nuclear rads. I contest fuku is the psyop to lead people concerned about radiation to blame fuku and not its true souce, the sun, outer space etc.

  2. it’s worthwhile to bear in mind that geoengineering and chemtrails and perhaps runaway global warming is more a threat than fukushima. though if its a race to the death, with all the other apocalyptic horses in the race, its not worth dividing on. still, worth bearing in mind when hearing of ecological collapse bits and pieces. maybe they just did fukushima to hide the chemtrail damage? and, of course, for two horse watchers. apologies to the Phillipines for not eating their sardines for the last 3 years (my only non vegitarian ingredient) … and still wont, just to be sure.
    the elite will lose as they are insane and evil destroys itself. hold on to your horses for a wild ride, there might be greener pastures at the end of it and seas aplenty (sounds like other new planets to discover this one is heaving with sickness).

    1. “Runaway global warming” like in NATURAL I might maybe believe in that, but when like in “man made” I’d have to reject that theory.
      Chemtrails? Only conspiracy theorists believe in that is what they say, although it has been proven over and over again that chemtrails are a fact. Unfortunately the fake truthers are hijacking the minds of potential valuable rebels and activists with their trash and psyops.

    2. when you say Runaway global warming…I assume you mean that we are in the middle of two ice age, that temperatures and sea levels have been raising since more than 10.000 years and that it will go on and on until the next ice age?? as long as you don’t talk me about Co2… for me,Fukushima is not there to hide anything, but to put japan down…a strategical and political sneak attack…
      this planet is heaving with sickness, yeah and we are the virus that caused it!

  3. «we can use this info for a next round of false flags and staged events.»
    and i coudn’t agree more, but every one as been bigger and bigger than the previous , what is the next false flag??
    “All we need is the right Major Crisis, & the Nations will accept the New World Order”
    David Rockefeller
    I fear that day….

    1. I don’t fear that day neither do I fear that NWO trash, it’s a bunch of losers and sissies. How I’d love to kick some NWO ass.
      There’s no need to fear that scum, if you do you let them win anyway. They count on that to instill fear. Don’t grant them the final victory. We have lost some major battles, obviously. But it ain’t over till it’s over, although it seems hopeless sometimes. Fear can stimulate you and it can keep you sharp but don’t let it consume you. They are not worth it! It’s scum of the Earth. The biggest trash you’ll ever know.

      1. As you say, Fear can Stimulate!! and never will it consume me! never ever… I will fight till my last breath, the freaking last one!! even if it mean to stand alone in my part of country, i wil do it!! i will never give up…but still fear is always there… this group of elite has trillions of dollars to do what ever they want…Just ”too big too fail”
        widespreading misinformation and total nature destruction… BP and Rosneft mutilating the north(after the DeepWater ”accident”)
        I don’t know what you see for the world in 10 years… but for me, with what i can observe now…nothing good will come…. the dollar collapse… chemtrails… water fluoridation… school program made to make dumber and dumber… Nuclear Power plants poping up every where… but HEY i’m still happy to live!!

  4. hey, it’s me again! i was wondering if, since unit 3 and 4 had MOAX in the core, would there have any chance that the ”detonation” came from a prompt criticality?? seem to be a good theory that could fit here??

      1. I really don’t know what to think….. no reaction on your webpage, no media talking of it… no one wants to hear about it around me… Did the elite won and i didn’t get the notice?? is that all and the NWO has emerged? i dont know what to do anymore….

      2. I couldn’t agree more. I feel just the same about it.

        From my side all the signs are there. Almost all my e-mail accounts have been messed with, and I have quite a few, I get no offers for jobs, I get no offers for donations etc… although I spend my days investigating and writing reports.

        There isn’t a mass out there who is interested in the Fukushima truth because the media have completely twisted the facts and covered up the truth. It’s been too long now for the masses to pick up the story. It’s almost three years. It’s a bitter sign of things to come.

        In a way the people, the masses, have lost as can be seen by the small amount of people who know the truth, or at least a major chunk of the truth. Fortunately for us however not all is lost, since we know how things got started, what the lies are and so we can use this info for a next round of false flags and staged events.

  5. First, i really love your site, everything is well done, it’s clear and got all the information we need!
    ok, let me be clearer…what i mean by downplaying, i saw at many place in your articles or in your answers that fuku radiation will never reach america, that it can’t poison the ocean…
    «The BQ is such a small measurement that it takes millions of BQ to mean anything significant at all.»
    Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) reported (since it’s an offical source,pretty sure that the numbers can be a lot greater) that 6,1 x 10(15) Bq of Cesium was ejected on the first week, and would be somewhere near 1,2 x 10 (16) Bq 3 months later (and that’s only cesium)

    «The radiation is serious, when you live near the power plants and for the rest of Japan it also doesn’t look too good. But to say that in the US or Canada everyone will die or get sick from the radiation is B.S.»
    ok…I give you the point that saying ”everyone will die or get sick” is total B.S. the point is saying *everyone*. but from what i know of cesium and plutonium,we will see more and more cancer and sickeness over the years… and to me, your anwser to this was part of why i used the word ”downplaying” –> «How I know this for sure? Well, I live in the Philippines which is much nearer to Japan than the US is. Except for not eating the fish and food coming from Fukushima nothing much is going on here.»

    «Now don’t worry too much about radiation from Japan coming your way. There are many nuclear plants in the US which is obviously much closer to Canada and not all those plants are 100% OK.»
    Again I totaly agree , many ( by the mean of hundreds sadly) reactors are way nearer to me than this one, and probably older too… and as long as military will be part of civil nuclear plants, i will fear them all my life!!

    «All the radiation and leaking of water B.S., although some of that is indeed true, is meant to keep the public away from seeing the truth. Compared to the acts of sabotage and eco-terror, the radiation and leaks are nothing but peanuts.»
    I must agree here that compared to the acts of sabotage, radiation seems nothing but peanuts… i would answer this by saying ”normal…this sabotage act is probably the biggest story of all time!!! but does radiation is only a peanuts size problem to the world, i don’t think so…

    Again, I really love your webpage! i’ve been looking on these events for more than two years and a half, and for the first time, i find someone with who i can really talk about my concern, and i really appreciat! You have done great work and I can’t wait to see these pages being share like never!(i really hope it will happen)

    Sorry for behing so stubburn on some points, as I said, for two years and a half, i had to find my own info, had to decide witch one is real and not… witch man to listen or forget what they said… it was some kind of hard and i got lost many times! As i said, i finaly found someone to talk about it, and i want answers, badly! so that’s why all these questions!

    Also, is there is an article about unit 3 rods ejected during the explosion, i would really like the check it out!

    1. Fall out has already reached the US West Coast many months earlier than just recently when there was a new round of fear mongering being launched by the “alternative” media. It is therefore that I am very cautious about sending out doom and gloom warning signals because the alternative media represent the truth completely wrong and put all their attention on the radiation.

      From what I have found out from reliable sources, the fall out that reaches the US West Coast area is likely to settle in riverbeds mostly when it reaches land. Those are places that need special attention. The ejected particles will travel around the world for a long time and it will become very hard determine which part of the globe will receive the most fall out, in my opinion. The ocean serves as a worthy sink, so the radiation from particles going in the ocean will largely be caught on the bottom of the ocean surrounding Fukushima.

      If the radiation was indeed so high that it would pose serious health risks at the US West Coast area then all fishing boats coming in with their loads would trigger the alarms in the ports. This doesn’t seem to be the case. At least I can’t find any sources claiming otherwise.

      Also, the reports of dying sea stars, star fish, and other species in the West Coast is not the complete truth because if it was then someone better explain why the same scenario also developed at the East Coast, yet no one even mentions this in their “experts” reports, likely because it doesn’t fit their cherry-picked research reporting.

      I don’t mind your questions, nor your scrutiny. I would and do the same thing.

      When you want to see the rods and all the structure damages then you should examine the areal photos, they clearly show the actual scene which has been hidden by the media, the UN, the EU and the governments.

      Here are some of those photos:

      and some more here

      and here

      You may also want to read this: “Japan Expert: Second Explosion Was ‘More Like a Bomb’ at Fukushima”

      In these photos of the exploding reactor #3 you can see by the color of the dust cloud that it concerns ejection of the core, if the dust was from the building structure (walls,..) then the color would not be dark brown but rather white or gray:

      1. ok, i’ve been through some more net surfing, and i have notice something… there is two wars going on with 3/11, the one from the cover up story and the one from the huge amount of radiation that was, is and will be ejected from that plant and both are true! but even if you take one of these separatly, it’s still really hard to accept …since the cover up story is more important, we should put all the energie on that… probably easier to accept if it dosnt come with a dooms day scenario attached to it!

        then i’d like to talk about the reactors 3 and 4. First, I can’t find any videos of reactor 4 blowing up, but if you look here –>

        From that side, you can clearly see that unit 4 suffered about the same kind of blast(seems even worse), since the walls are ”gone”, but more horizontal blast than a vertical one…what else could of done this? from the roof to the bottom? you also see the north facing wall, very round, like if he survied a blast from the inside.

        from that side, the same levels seem to have been affected. just like if the same kind of device was used but not on the same floor and maybe not on the same side of the building…
        The big difference from unit 3 and 4, is the damage from the upper levels of unit 3 and his north facing side, very damaged.

        Was the nuclear device under the core? the blast seemed to come from higher…

        since the north facing side of unit 3 was much more damaged, i would assume the device was in a room on that side. No doubt about the dome of the reactor is gone, the pictures proves it easily enough… but to say that the reactor is gone? i would think that the reactor would twist and be some kind torn apart, pushed horizontaly in the opposite way of the blast in a corner of the building.
        If you tell me that the core is gone in the air… i stop working, i leave school and i make my first and last world crossing trip… If you tell me it fell back on the ground all around, i will have to relearn everything i know about radiation and the core of a NPP… i really don’t think they could of be near the plant at all if it was the case.for the color of the blast, i don’t really remind any small nuke cloud being not brown and dirty whatever it blew up (exept water -.- )

        Do you have any idea of what caused the sonic blast coming out of the roof of unit 1 ? if no hydrogen explosion could happen there, what could of caused it?

        do you have anything special to tell about unit 2 ? nobody talks about it…

      2. Units 3 and 4 look different because 3 was blown up with its core in there. In unit 4 the core (rods) was not there because it was out of service since 2010. So obviously the blast magnitude will be different as well.

        Yes it is possible that the nukes were placed in different parts of each reactor.

        At reactor 2 the safety systems were completely sabotaged by Stuxnet because they didn’t activate at all.

        “at a minimum, reactors 1 and 2 were put to full output with the Stuxnet virus with all the valves closed, which melted them down and released 3000 PSI of steam pressure when they melted through. That would be enough to cause the level of damage to the containment buildings for 1 and 2 that you see in the ultra high resolution photos.” – Jim Stone

        When compared with the Chernobyl results available for the Bratislava station, the Fukushima radionuclide levels were almost five orders of magnitude lower

  6. Thx for all your work! Yeah actually every governments are complicit by closing their eyes… and would it be for that reason japan as always refused internatinal aids, because they don’t know who was behind that? I mean, we know the mains characters, but up to what i know, many country could of been assosiated to this…

    Ok, I can’t say i’m an expert in radiation, but Cesium as an half-life of 30 years, about 300 years of toxicity, not natural at all, and a lot was ejected that day… and we can’t forget Moax, with a portion of Plutonium 239, with an half-life of 24,000 years. these tend to stick to other atoms, you can’t really talk about dilution, its more dispertion…and we know fish accumulate a lot of cesium!

    i don’t know where exacly you live in the philippines, but still you’r some kind of protected for a time by the Kuroshio… let me be clear, i’im not talking about everybody dying, i’m talking about food chain being contaminated for long term and bringing it’s complications with it.

    I don’t think we have reach this point yet, but still if something goes wrong with fuel rods removal at unit 4, and they need to evacuate…no one will prevent the 6 reactor to start a mutual meltdown and we would have not grammes, not kilos but metric tons of Corium all over the site that is 40 meters from the pacific. If they have to evacuate part of japan, what happen to Kashiwazaki-Kariwa that is less then 200 km from there, the biggest Nuclear plant in the world?

    I still think there is hope, but i won’t be calm as long as Tepco is in charge….

    1. Yes, other countries than Israel are also involved that is a FACT, even the UN and EU are involved. In my opinion, these 3/11 attacks are the biggest conspiracy in modern history. Just look at the size of damages and number of politicians and agencies involved who play along with the fabricated but official reporting. It’s becoming obvious that some group is seriously blackmailing most of the governments around the world. How else can you force the international community to spread the lies? When comparing to 9/11 where officials publicly state their doubt about the official narrative, here with 3/11 we don’t have that. No one in the official arena (politicians, …) even dare to think about doubting the official story.

      For now I have only found two sources that dare to claim that something is not right about reactor 4, which exploded without it containing any rods at all, since it was out of operation since 2010. Those two are the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the German VGB PowerTech e.V.

      Some Japanese sources have left clues in their reporting, I guess that’s all they can do for now because the threat and blackmailing is too serious. The clues they left are maps, charts and some data mixed in with the official reporting that was forced upon them. Here and here are examples of those few clues and leads that we have.

      An expert in radiation I am NOT. I do believe that of course the areas surrounding the Fuku reactors is off limits, for how long I can’t say. I sure would not eat the fish coming from there. Nor would I plan my vacation in that area. Parts of the food chain can and will be contaminated because that’s obvious when looking at the size and nature of the explosions in Fukushima.

      When any other reactors go hot now that would be again 100% guaranteed sabotage only.

      Reactor 4 was blown wide open when there were no rods in the central reactor area, the rods in the spent fuel pool were ejected during that explosion so I don’t think there are too many rods left in the spent fuel pool if any at all. Just look at the areal photos and you’ll see that the rods are all over the place far away from the reactor buildings 3 AND 4 which were both nuked sky high.

      Here it is proven that the explosions in reactor 4 could not have been a hydrogen gas explosion.

      There’s hope yes, when the criminals get arrested and convicted and locked up for life which would be a too mild punishment I believe.

      For me, to put blame on Tepco is not appropriate because the same people who blackmail the world also blackmail Tepco, Tepco’s hands are tied and they parrot what is being shoved on their plates. To blame Tepco for any problems or coverups is only justified when one understands that Tepco is being threatened on the executive level and the Japanese government on legislative level. to make Tepco the guilty one here is too shortsighted, I mean I wouldn’t blame a hostage for giving up their belongings when they are being threatened with death. It’s really serious, when Tepco doesn’t play ball, more reactors will blow up in Japan guaranteed.

      All the radiation and leaking of water B.S., although some of that is indeed true, is meant to keep the public away from seeing the truth. Compared to the acts of sabotage and eco-terror, the radiation and leaks are nothing but peanuts.

      In short, 9/11 was small compared to 3/11.

      1. Fisrt, i’m not blaming Tepco 😛 , I’m only telling that they are incapable of doing what is coming…
        We all know that an hydrogen explosion has never, will never, JUST can’t blow up reinforced concrete walls 15-20 feets of tickness…even putting away the fact that a system was on to prevent that from happening…

        Second, I don’t think the fuel rods at unit 4 were ejected that day, since they were in a pool higher in the building. And if it was the case, there would have molten Corium all over the place, And with a good concentration of Cesium-137 and Plutonium-239, better tell you they could even get near unit 4 at all, if not near the whole plant at all…

        I really think you’r downplaying the dangers of radiation, it’s not because nothing seem anormal in the philippines that it means there is no danger… you’r telling me that «Except for not eating the fish and food coming from Fukushima nothing much is going on here.» but you’r telling me that «Of course it’s just as creepy to know that ALL governments are complicit now because they refuse to shed light on the truth, they willingly spread the false story that it was an “accident” which of course we know it was not!»….How can you belive that only because nothing much is happening there that it’s ok for the radiation??

        Tchernobyl contaminated about 200,000 km2 with one molten core at 23% Now we have 3 molten core at ?? % and we don’t even know where are these cores! it could take up to 10 years just to find the technologie to LOCATE them, and could count 20 more to extract them! during that time, we will need to stock more and more water, more and more accidents… and its goes on and on….

      2. I’m not downplaying anything, I never said that there is no danger regarding the radiation. If you believe that I did write that somewhere then you are interpreting my words in a wrong way. Again, there are indeed implications regarding the radiation but Japan is the one who is having the full blows of that.

        Fuku is worse than Chernobyl in that at Fukushima the reactor core, the rods, of unit 3 was ejected during the explosion.

  7. I just can’t belive how the world is blind!! Now that I know those numbers are real it means to me that eveything BIG that happened the last decade was manipulated by one way or another…. These (liars in control) are the same that invented the Tonkin Gulf accident, that were behind 9/11 , probably 4/11 and now 3/11 …. what’s next ?? the Olympics 2014 ??and then they are going to blame it on the four blood moons ???? I really think your article is great and need to be seen! i’m gonna share as much as I can! that’s probably the best I can do…. for NOW!

    1. Yes, it’s very likely that all these events have common minds when it comes to their inception.
      Unfortunately, the world is not accepting the fact that it has already been proven numerous times.

      Evidence is really pointing to Israeli involvement but again the world is uncomfortable with this truth.

      Mossad was involved, to say the least, in the planning and roll-out of the 9/11 events:

      The Israeli Magna BSP was and still is involved in the 3/11 events:

      And as it turns out the Israeli company NICE is in control of the security in many cities, at sports events like Sochi and probably the Super Bowl of last week. For all we know they might as well have been responsible for the security at the Boston marathon too.

      Security technology made in Israel: a big winner at the Sochi games

      To coordinate forces of such a scale and control simultaneous events at dozens of venues from Sochi center, through the neighboring town of Adler, and up in the mountains 45 kilometers away where the ski competitions are to be held, as well as to analyze in real-time information from 1,400 closed-circuit cameras and other sensors, the Olympics organizers have bought Israeli technology developed by NICE Technologies based in Ra’anana.

      NICE’s Safe City system is used by police forces in cities in Israel and around the world, and on underground train networks in London and New York. NICE, along with its local partner Asteros, installed a control room with 40 workstations connected to the surveillance networks around the city and the Olympic venues, and is programmed to provide advance warning of a terror attack or major incident and the tools to supply immediate solutions in emergencies. This is NICE’s first Olympics, but the president of the company’s security division, Yaron Tchwella, says they previously secured major sporting events including the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, and next week, just before the Olympics begin, their systems will be used in the NFL Super Bowl.

      “The system allows the operator to take control of an event and carry out a set of critical actions immediately, such as closing or opening roads, sending out terror warnings, distributing information to officers in the field and preventing escalation,” says Tchwella.

      NICE hasn’t revealed the value of the Sochi contract, though Israeli defense industry sources estimate it in eight figures in dollars.

      Russian security services have used Western technologies in the past to track opposition figures and dissidents. Human rights groups are already claiming that Sochi 2014 will be the “big brother Olympics” and that all visitors, including athletes and journalists, will be under constant surveillance.

      Local environmental activists were followed and harassed for months. “Like every company in our field, we are very aware of the ethical issues of public safety versus the right to privacy,” says Tchwella. “We supply technology and you can’t always supervise how the customer will use it, but our experience is that NICE systems improve public safety. Of course there are a lot of problems in Russia, but London has over a million closed-circuit cameras, and that’s a democracy.”

      1. Ok, I’ve been through most of your articles. First, am I really the first to comment on any of them? If yes, it would scare me a bit to see that so few people want to know the truth…

        Second, I would like some clarifications on the radiation one. I know there was a lot of hoax going on the net, but still i’ve seen many research that had some good arguments that this is a ”sleeping monster”… Are those numbers real? +/- 11,500 fuel rods, about the equivalent of 15,000 hiroshima or 20-30 time Tchernobyl and 40 meters from the ocean ?? If anything goes wrong with the fuel rod removal from unit 4, what kind of scenario would we have?

        I have to say you made a really good job with 311truth , it’s always nice to see we’re not alone
        and sorry for my grammar, I speak french and even there my grammar isn’t really better…

      2. Except for one shill comment here yours was the first valuable one yes.

        It is indeed scary that people are not interested in the facts, this makes it easy for the the perpetrators to commit their next crimes because only few people are aware.

        Of course it’s just as creepy to know that ALL governments are complicit now because they refuse to shed light on the truth, they willingly spread the false story that it was an “accident” which of course we know it was not!

        The radiation is serious, when you live near the power plants and for the rest of Japan it also doesn’t look too good. But to say that in the US or Canada everyone will die or get sick from the radiation is B.S. How I know this for sure? Well, I live in the Philippines which is much nearer to Japan than the US is. Except for not eating the fish and food coming from Fukushima nothing much is going on here. There’s no fear mongering here and we’re very close to Japan, compared to the US and Canada.

        The rods are indeed a hazard and very dangerous, that is why the homeless people are being used by the Japanese and Israeli mafia. and these people are threatened to keep their mouths shut about the effects of their jobs, “OR DIE” is the message.

        The website contains all the info that is needed to inform the world in a factual manner. I would not even mind if someone from the mainstream news came here, steal everything, fucked the copyright and claimed that they broke the story first. as long as it would make the FUKU info would make it to the masses.

        Initially I was drawn into the Fukushima investigation because of Jim Stone. He was, for me, the first to bring a decent investigation about Fukushima. From that point on I started my own digging and the result is this site with all of the honest and essential info I can find.

        Now don’t worry too much about radiation from Japan coming your way. There are many nuclear plants in the US which is obviously much closer to Canada and not all those plants are 100% OK. Second, the problem would really exist when they decided to blow up an American nuke plant using the same techniques and cover stories, which is why Jim Stone’s “Nuclear Blackmail” article is so important.

        The FUKU radiation going into the ocean is not going to kill the whole ocean, that is physically impossible. To have concerns about that is normal and is justified of course. This however brings up this question:

        If the media and the people are so worried then why is it that they do not spread the info published on this website?

        When they did then they would indeed show that they are on the right side, instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with the eco-terrorists and war criminals who attacked Japan.

  8. i’m surprised to be the first to comment! very nice work! i was wondering why there was so few damage when the tsunami strucked…. but never saw the numbers to prove me that! if those are real…. it would means a lot of thing that would totaly explain that day!

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, you’re the first and like you we are surprised it took this long for someone to leave a message. Anyway, the values, numbers, charts, graphics are all real. Thousands of hours, of all the researchers combined, have already been spent in investigating the 3/11 events. With events like this it is important to look at the first reports, first articles and videos that were being spread and published. It is in those that the signs are to be found of the deception.

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